spanish placement exam

<p>to those of you who took the spanish placement exam at orientation (any orientation), how was it? as compared to, oh say, the sat II spanish test or the ap test or any other basic language test out there....i'm wondering if i should be bothered to open my grammar book, so thanks for any input!</p>

<p>Obviously, if you study, it will be beneficial, but the test is pretty easy. I took 3 years of spanish in high school (9, 10, 11), didnt study for the placement exam, and placed into level 3. The questions seem pretty basic, but if you want to pass out of foreign language, you should study.</p>

<p>Even tho we're not going to take a spanish class at UCLA, do we still need to take the placement test if we took spanish in high school? And if we pass would it cancel out a foreign language requirement?</p>

<p>if you are positive that you will be taking another language from the beginning, do whatever. However, because you took spanish is HS, i suggest you take the placement exam. I took 3 years of spanish in HS, but plan on taking german at UCLA, however, the fact that i placed out of 3 quarters of spanish means i only need one more quarter of spanish, then the requirement is fulfilled.</p>

<p>In short, if you do well enough, you can place out of the foreign language requirement.</p>

<p>Even if you're not planning on taking Spanish at UCLA (like me :D) I highly recommend taking the placement exam. You can pass out of 1 or 2 quarters of Spanish and then move on to a different language, and you'll only have to take the remainder of your language requirement instead of the full 3 quarters. </p>

<p>I took 4 years of Spanish in HS but didn't even attempt the AP test because I knew I would never pass it (Simply by looking at sample AP questions). I took the placement exam thinking I MIGHT pass out of of one quarter of spanish, and I ended up passing out of all 3. In my opinion, the test was much easier than the AP test (or at least, what I've seen of it), so take it! And's only 30 minutes long. It can't hurt to try! Good luck :)</p>

<p>Wow thanx, so i guess this goes for Math as well</p>