Spanish placement test concern!

<p>I took my the placement test for Spanish. However, I was so engrossed in the writing section I didn't leave enough time to finish the listening section. I only finished the first several questions in the listening section. I'm now worried about how much this will affect my placement. I know that placement tests give recommendation not mandated courses, but is this different for languages since there is a language requirement?</p>

<p>I took Spanish all through high school, including AP Spanish. I plan to continue Spanish and study abroad, but I'm now afraid I will be placed into a very low semester of Spanish that is not at the true level I know I am at. Can I retake the test once on campus? Would I be allowed to chose which level of Spanish class I wish despite the recommendation from my score?</p>

<p>The scores are just recommendations. Whether you follow them or not is your decision.</p>

<p>^What he said is true.</p>

<p>Did you take the AP Spanish Exam? It's probably a better indication than Harvard's placement test. If you got a 5 on it, you should probably start in 60s and 70s levels.</p>

<p>ZeZe don't worry about it. I was unable to finish the listening section, too. I think I only got to like the first 8 questions on the listening and then guessed on the other 32. I found it extremely difficult to finish, and I've taken up till AP Spanish Language in high school. I think if you were fairly accurate on the rest of the test, you'll be fine and place well.</p>