Spanish Placement Test

<p>so the spanish placement test has been overhauled by the looks of it. there is a writing portion, a listening section, and even an interview. i saved this dumb test for my senior year, and i was wondering what i should do to prepare for it.</p>

<p>should i buy a SAT spanish subject test book? or should i buy an AP one (it seems too advanced...i took 4 years of spanish and AP spanish is like years 5-6)?</p>

<p>any advice on passing out of spanish would help. thanks.</p>

<p>an interview? dammit. this is bull. was going to take this too soon. this sucks</p>

<p>oh gosh. me toooooooo. So annoying.. wasn't this requirement suppose to be cut because of budget cuts? did you take the exam zzzboy?</p>

<p>its funny. with budget cuts you'd think they want students to pass out. maybe its the Spanish department trying to increase the demand for their classes...</p>