Spanish SAT II

<p>Is a 760 good on the Spanish Reading SAT II for someone who just learned the language in high school? It says 82 percent or something on my score report, however I thought that this would probably be pretty good since a lot of the 800s are probably native speakers. Anyway will I get killed on the listening? I have a feeling I will becuase it seems that that test is more geered towards native speakers than the reading one is, but anyway i'm signed up for it tommorow for ****s and giggles. Thanks in advance for the replies.</p>

<p>82 percent is good...many of the language SAT II subject tests other than english are taken by native speakers which distorts your score in comparison to theirs. dont worry you wont be destroyed by the listening it is NOT geared towards native speakers because that would give them an unfair advantage. just try to be calm and go with your first instinct.</p>

<p>I think its stupid that people native to foreign languages take these tests, is it frowned upon if their native language is one of their submitted SAT II scores? it should be...</p>