Spanish SAT II

<p>I have done some intensive study and summer programs (middlebury immersion and travel to Spain). I know a good deal of spanish but grammar and vocab learning has been hindered by having terrible, terrible teachers.</p>

<p>Right now I have two sat 2's (math 780 and chem 770). But I want to show colleges my spanish skills (i'm not a native), I placed in the national spanish exam (bronze medal nationally) but i don't know if thats enough. </p>

<p>So : what are your thoughts on taking the Spanish SAT 2 when you are not a native speaker? suicide?</p>

<p>While there are reports of non-natives scoring extremely well on the Spanish Subject Test, I feel like I should give my personal opinion that this test is very difficult. I had taken 4 years of Spanish, received the 2nd highest grade in my Spanish class, and considered myself proficient in Spanish, but still only scored a 690.</p>

<p>While I may have been overconfident, I must warn you that the Spanish Subject Test tests a lot more than your typical Spanish class test or final exam. Slang/native expressions are tested, there are many vocab words that I had never seen before, and the grammar is pretty tough as well.</p>

<p>Anyway, you may be much more prepared than I was, as you have had the immersion experiences, but I would caution you that the test will probably be more difficult than you might expect.</p>

<p>If you're as proficient as you say you are, OP, you should be fine. I scored an 800 and I'm not native. Then again, I'm a very accomplished language learner and my brain works differently for these things. Personally, I didn't have to think of grammar rules on the test, everything just came naturally. If you can hold a conversation without stopping to think in your native language and with little error, you should be well off for this exam.</p>