Spanish SAT

<p>im taking the spanish SAT with listening this november. to those who toke the listening one, is it easy or is it hard. im native to it so im hoping itll be easy.</p>

<p>if you're a native it wont really look very impressive on your application</p>

<p>who cares^^^^ if u know the language take it, even more so if u're native. so for the SAT I's will it look more impressive in the writing and reading sections because he's not native?</p>

<p>im also native spanish speaker and taking the listening in november. im looking at the Real SAT Subject tests and to tell u the truth, its a joke. if i dont get an 800 i'll cry.</p>

<p>Yeah my friend took it and got a 790 and he went to school in Mexico until 8th grade.Btw a high score will still look good even if you are a native speaker because skill in a foreign language is valued in the eyes of college board regardless of how you learned it.</p>