Spanish Study Abroad Programs with Statistics


My son is a college student (sophomore) and looking to do a semester abroad. He is doing a dual concentration in Spanish and Statistics.

He wants to go away in Junior year (either fall or spring semester). But the study options through his college are limited. But they will allow him to study abroad at another university, if he petitions. In particular, if he goes abroad, he will need to take a statistics class to graduate on time.

I tried looking at some of the options in Spanish speaking countries (Spain, Chile, Argentina) but had difficulty deciphering the course offerings. In particular he needs to take one or more of the following stats classes during his abroad term: Linear Regression, Categorical Data Analysis or Applied Computing (R programming).

His speaking/writing skills are fine, so he can take a class that is taught entirely in Spanish. Does anyone know of any universities in the Spanish speaking world that would work?