Spanish Subject Tests

<p>Okay, I am thinking about taking a Spanish Subject Test next year. As a junior, I will be in AP Spanish Language and I'm not a native speaker. I'm planning on taking the Reading subject test in March/May/June after having AP Spanish or most of it, at least. However, I'm planning on applying to top schools... is it okay if I just send them the reading score? I knwo they prefer to see Reading or Reading w/ Listening, but I really do not want to take the listening in November of my 12th grade. (I hope to be done with testing by the end of my Junior year) Thoughts?</p>

<p>Since you are a non-native speaker, the listening portion of the SAT II is rather dangerous; you could lose LOTS of points given the harsher guessing penalty. Personally, I believe a good Reading-only score and a good AP score will show the college your abilities in Spanish.</p>

<p>I agree. I think Spanish with Listening is geared more toward native speakers. Even as an AP Spanish student, listening is hard because there aren't a lot of native speaker around to listen to in a Spanish class...</p>

<p>Listening section IS quite on the edge of an abyss para las personas que no son hablantes oriundos.. The first part(you get a picture, pick A~D based on logical answer) is easy, as well as the second(you ONLY hear a conversation and pick A~D based on a logical answer proceeding what was said last). The third part is quite the detrimental part. You HEAR a dialogue for quite long (This is the "LONG DIALOGUE" section) and answer a few questions. The questions won't be said 'til the conversation's over, although the answers will be printed... </p>

<p>Unless you're motivated in the conversational part of Spanish like me, stay away from Nov exam. O puedes ver el Telemundo.. DEMASIADO. Aunque yo veo los programas mucho, alguna vez es dif</p>