Spark Notes for Biology SATII

<p>Is the sparknotes for biology satii complete enough to study for the sat ii? Just wondering since it doesn't include topics like "diseases, human and space." </p>

<p>what are the mos common topics that appear in the test?</p>

<p>Thanks : )</p>

<p>I've never seen the sparknotes for bio, but i think if you've taken a bio course (esp. something like AP Bio) the test is a cinch. space? like, astronomy? no i don't think there's anything about space on it. i don't think they're gonna have much about disease, especially if it's really current findings and such. they just basically test you on the more general concepts and simple facts. there's anatomical stuff, and cell structure, DNA/RNA stuff, and some evolution/ecology. sometimes you might have to interpret graphs or experimental data and stuff like that. i can't remember much else. good luck.</p>