sparknotes practice tests....where'd they go??


<p>i just made a sparknotes account to go take their free practice tests and i saw that now you have to pay for ALL of them...</p>

<p>last year i took all three for free by making three different accounts for the sat chem subject test and they were really helpful. i'm sad i can't get to any of them anymore without paying. anyone either have copies of the subject tests from sparknotes (i need us history, math 2c, bio e/m, and lit) or know if there's a way i can get them from sparknotes for free?</p>

<p>excuse me for being cheap but i just splurged a ton of money on test prep books today at</p>

<p>Erm...are you sure you did it correctly? It still works for me...</p>

<p>doesn't seem to work for me either. there is no link to take the free sat ii subject tests. can you tell me how you did it? thanks</p>

<p>? i just tried it and it still works</p>

<p>I ate them.</p>

<p>I made about eight accounts for all of the SAT US History tests before I took the Jan. 26th SAT US History. Hey, I buy enough of BN's books. I don't feel bad. ;)</p>

<p>yeah, you have to make an account per test you take (sucks, yeah)</p>