Sparknotes Writing and Math IIC- How Accurate is The Curve?

<p>I noticed that out of most prep books, Sparknotes seems to have the most lenient curve for both writing and math (writing especially). For those of you who have taken the SAT 2s already and have used sparknotes, How accurate was this prep book/site?
Thanks In advance</p>

<p>It all just depends on how well the rest of the nation did. Put it this way... if EVERYONE on CC is saying they had a hard time with it... (assuming CC has a good percentage of the Higher scoring crowd), you can assume that most of the higher scoring crowd had a hard time, so the curve should be good.</p>

<p>What would a TYPICAL sat 2 writing curve be?</p>


<p>The curves you find on are accurate. Of course, each test varies slightly, so take you sparknotes score and find the range of +- one raw score point and you should be good.</p>