<p>I have an A in every English class I have ever taken thanks to Sparknotes. :)</p>

<p>I do like the place myself. For poetry especially, it really goes in depth to writers' themes, and I suck at poetry. I usually get the themes in prose fine enough, I like reading, but it's also a good review when you read the book last month and the class is just now taking a test. Great site.</p>

<p>Not to mention it helped me prepare for SAT IIs and APs!</p>

<p>Hate sparknotes</p>

<p>APNotes saved my life for USH though. Without a doubt the hardest class in the school... straight As all 4 marking periods + 3rd highest grade on midterm (there are some serious intellects in my school... so I consider that an achievement xD) all due to APNotes. =]</p>