special day at penn for philly students.

<p>anyone going tommorow?</p>

<p>i guess no one else went. oh well.</p>

<p>i showed up 45 minutes early with my dad and got to speak personally with the admissions director who reads my app for about 20 minutes. we talked mostly about basketball and sports, which i think is good because everyone else probably badgered him about school related stuff.</p>

<p>(waiving hand) We went!! </p>

<p>Choco, I thought of you while we were there...wondering who you were. There was one kid who I thought might be you, until he stood up to ask a question and identified himself as being from HSES....not CHS, which is where I think you are a student. </p>

<p>My son asked a question.....about regrets. Remember?
Also, did you notice that almost everyone raised their hand when Mr. Daulerio asked who was applying ED? </p>

<p>There was a lot of representation from the catholic schools....interesting to see given that they only represent 10% of the admissions numbers each year.</p>

<p>ah ha.</p>

<p>I asked the question about double majoring. the first question. broke the ice, ya know.</p>

<p>also, I dont go to central... my sister did. i go to roman catholic high. woot.</p>

<p>Oh, yeah. I remember that question being asked. I never saw who asked it because we were seated near the front and I didin't turn around. </p>

<p>I hope you get in...you're definitely showing Penn the love.....just like my son. I think he could facilitate the info session, at this point:)</p>

<p>Roman Catholic was EVERYWHERE today. Did you guys bring a bus? LOL</p>

<p>lol, i was thinking that too - that i could run the info session.</p>

<p>you'd probably lose my face in a crowd anyway... how many guys with black moptop haircuts are there these days.</p>

<p>We only had 5 guys present.... probably about 15 are applying overall. Besides 4 guys from roman, I knew 3 guys from grade school (including my best friend that i hung out with last night... i had no idea he was gonna be there), 1 guy that was a friend of a friend, and another girl that is in my one college class. pretty cool to be connected i guess.</p>

<p>as for Kirk, hes a pretty cool guy. he did his undergrad at Swat (i had to pry that tidbit out of him) after going to holy ghost prep and said he never really looked into penn until grad school.</p>

<p>Were you one of the two kids from Roman who talked to Mr. Daulerio after it ended?</p>

<p>no i talked to him before hand.</p>