special school supplies?

<p>what supplies do most people forget to bring but will be very useful in emory? do you really need a refrigerator or a printer? also, does emory give you a planner like some colleges do? how does shower work at emory? where would you put the shower caddy thing that you put your stuff in? do people bring laptops to classes to take notes? sorry for all of the questions but I'm starting my supply shopping and I have no idea what to get other than the stereotypical school supplies. thanks</p>

<p>haha I think you’re too excited</p>

<p>fridge-yes, Campus Coolers is good
printer-if you’re living on-campus, it’s fun to go to library and print stuff, but it doesn’t hurt. Make sure you fill your EmoryCard for this reason.
planner-they give you one, but it’s kind of a piece of junk
Don’t bring a laptop to take notes to class. Professors don’t really like it.</p>

<p>Refrigerator is useful, printer is kind of useful (though you can easily print in Cox, at the library, etc., but it costs a little of course).<br>
Emory doesn’t give a planner, but some organization on campus passes out free planners at the beginning of the year. It’s called “The Source” Atlanta, Ga.<br>
Yes, in many classes laptops are allowed to take notes. However, I personally don’t care to and know myself too much to do so. If I did, I’d honestly end up disengaged and will more likely go onto learnlink or facebook (okay, well not facebook, I don’t care about it that much, though I used it a lot freshmen year). From observations, most other students succumb to these temptations. I think it takes the fire out of discussion taking place in smaller classes (and many. science profs. don’t allow it, which I think is mostly good. On top of that, I find it difficult to take notes during class in many science courses b/c of all the drawings. I’d rather take notes on a pad, and transfer some of them to a laptop later if ever). And I’ve honestly only noticed a few people in science courses who take legit notes on a laptop. Most resort to fb or w/e most of the time.<br>
Point is, in many cases it’s allowed, but use good judgement (You really don’t need it for notes at all. However, it’s about what you wanna do) and discipline. You should see if it adds to the experience to not have the laptop (or maybe you may be among those that really don’t care about lecture and will just read it on your own, in which case you should skip class and follow the syllabus,blackboard, and course conference in a very precise manner). It’s moreso acceptable/useful in easier courses where the material is more or less intuitive or courses in which you have the type of prof. that doesn’t try to engage students whatsoever (just straight up lecturing, no asking questions, no discussion, classes that don’t encourage or attempt engagement. In these cases, feel free to disengage at your own risk I guess). My only argument truly in favor of it is that “it’s more sustainable” lol.</p>

<p>thanks so much :slight_smile: how much do laundry and printing cost? also, how often do people tend to need to print stuff? how much extra spending money do people tend to need per month?</p>

<p>Due to meal plans and stuff. If I’m frugal, I can easily last off of less than 100 bucks per month. Last year was kind of bad though, and I “desired” (not needed) roughly 100-150 dollars per month 1 1/4 month. Of course most people at Emory are in much higher income brackets than my household so they desire or claim to “need” much more.</p>

<p>However, it’s kind of easy to be frugal w/a decent meal plan (I had B last year). A lot of the additional money (say above the 75buck/month mark) was me going on random excursions w/friends. Some being at what I would consider expensive restaurants (but most of them would not. I personally think 15ish bucks for a meal or just the entree is expensive). After last year, I think I’ll be cooking sometimes. It’ll save so much money and special outtings won’t be the norm anymore.<br>
Overall, I can’t answer that for you. It depends on your income bracket and how you are used to spending/living (or how you are willing to live when you get here).<br>
As for printing. Depends on you. My problem is that my eyes kind of suck and I can’t stand to read things like PDFs on the computer screen. So papers assigned that are of great importance/interest, I really want to print. Also, it’ll depend on the “writing load” of a course. Whether it be essays, research papers, problem/SI sets, w/e. It honestly isn’t too bad if you can stand reading off a computer screen (I personally like print/books when possible. Basically, anything allowing me to physically turn a page w/more effort than hitting the “click-pad” appeals to me).
Laundry is kind of expensive. I forgot how much it is (I live at Clairmont, and we have a washer/dryer in the apartment), but I think it’s 1 buck to wash, and 75 cent to dry. Try to make friends w/upperclassmen. They may be able to ride you over there to do it for free.</p>