Special suprise inside!

<p>Hey you made it! Please be honest, thanks!
I'm a white male from florida</p>

Uchicago / BC / Vanderbilt</p>

<p>UW: 3.566 (strong upward trend if that means anything)

<p>Sat: 760M/560R/550W (might retake)
Sat II: Bio -750</p>

<p>IB Diploma
(hardest schedule possible)</p>

bc calc- 3
macroeconomics - 4
physics -pending</p>

NHS (11, 12-treasurer)
SNHS (10,11,12- historian)
Engineering Club (11,12- VP)
Web Designers (11,12- representative)
JV Cross country (11,12)
JV Track (11,12)
Junior Board (11)
Senior Board (12)
Math Honor Society (11,12)</p>

Youth group every week (9-12)
bible study every week (9-12)
vaction bible school helper (9-12)
around 200+ volunteer hours (mainly from habitat for humanity) (9-12)
math tudor
coached championship winning basketball team
i do triathalons</p>

<p>Awards (kinda):
IB top grades (11,12)
IB leaner profile (11,12)
perfect attendance (9)</p>

<p>would ED/EA help me if any of these schools?</p>


<p>anyone out there?</p>

<p>You will need to retake your SATs for a stronger chance at these schools.</p>

<p>great ec's, but you should consider retaking sats. the easiest section for me to bump was my writing. you're definitely headed on the right path, and with some higher test scores, can still get through at many places despite the so-so uw gpa.</p>

<p>Try the ACT.</p>