Speculation about # admitted during this year's early round

While it’s not accurate by any stretch, if you go by the number of students in the UChicago FB page and compare it to the same time period from previous years, it looks like the college admitted fewer applicants in this year’s early round than any other year after early decisions started at Chicago. There are almost 100 to 150 fewer students in the FB group this year compared to previous years. Directionally that is interesting.

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It’s possible that some are on Discord or other sites right now before joining FB. Eventually it seems that most everyone joins up, if prior numbers are any indicator. The university uses FB for a variety of information purposes and it’s not in a student’s interest to avoid the platform altogether.

On the other hand, perhaps they have indeed admitted fewer. Class of '25 is oversubscribed by over 100 so it’s possible they are being very conservative this year so as not to make the same mistake.

Does anyone know how many applied in the early round?

Something is definitely going on. There are less than 600 students on the FB page. That’s 150 less than this time last year and almost 250 less than the class of 2023

They have made a change. Maybe they feel confident about the number of apps for the ED2 and RD round?

This was posted on reddit about the EA/ED round: (https://www.■■■■■■■■■■/r/ApplyingToCollege/comments/kpwo7s/some_uchicago_ed1ea_stats_from_this_year/).

" Average SAT: 1525, Average ACT: 34 (not sure if these are mean or median values)

94% of students were in the top 10% of their class

There were around 14,600 applicants in the early rounds. The acceptance rate was 8%, meaning around 1,200 applicants were admitted. This was the most selective ever, according to Dean Nondorf.

127 admitted applicants were first-gen students. 150 (or around 150, can’t remember if the number was approximate or exact) students were international students.

For domestic students: 177 students were from California, followed by around 120 from Illinois and another state (think New York?) each, around 88 from Texas, around 50 from Florida and Massachusetts each, around 40 from New Jersey… this is where I stopped trying to keep track.

For international students: 55 students from the China, 52 students from UK (I think I mixed up the two numbers). There were more stats but this went by way to quick for me to write down."

And if you do more math (for each region), there are not that many seats left…if the past figures are good predictors for this round…especially if you’re applying ED2 or RD from CA. :roll_eyes:

I’ve probably posted this elsewhere this year - can’t recall. But 8% of 14,600 is 1,168 which is actually a tad high compared to the number admitted early to the class of '23 (7% admit rate, approximately the same number of applicants). I think some of the admits might just be avoiding FB?

From the University’s rating report released today:

“In response to the coronavirus pandemic, and in line with state guidelines, UChicago transitioned to remote learning in March 2020 for the remainder of the school year. Students returned to hybrid in-person, on-campus learning in fall 2020. Dorms are currently open but operating at approximately 46% of full capacity (based on student housing demand during the pandemic). Despite the pandemic, fall 2020 enrollment actually increased over fall 2019, including for international students. Management expects a record number of applications for fall 2021.”


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