Speculations for Admittance?

Hello there, one of my first posts here

Demographics: South Asian Male Status: Undocumented DACA, Divorced Father is Green Card, Brother is a US Citizen in the US Army. Income: 0k for the past two years, going on with around $24,000 from my brother abroad who provides money.

Stats: GPA: UW ~3.75 Weighted 4.9/5.33
Lives in: Suburbs of Chicago, grew up in the suburbs my whole since my family moved here when I was three.

ACT: 35 SAT 2: Chemistry 760, Math II 800, Biology E 720 (oof) Senior Courseload: AP Physics C E/M and Mechanics, AP Economics Micro and Macro, AP Calculus BC, AP Spanish 6, AP Literature and Composition, and Symphonic Wind. My school does not offer AP to sophomores, but I will have taken 12 AP course by the end of the senior year with all my other classes that aren’t AP being High Honors courses.

Can speak 3 languages fluently (Korean, English, Spanish) and Japanese slightly. I have received the Bronze award for the National Spanish exam and have been taking Spanish for 6 years (Year 6 in High school, but really I have been taking Spanish since I was in elementary school).

EC: Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Played at Carnegie Hall this Spring, School Pep Band Leader, Korean Culture Club Leader, 200+ Hours at the Northshore University HealthSystem (Conjunction with UChicago! Coincidence??), Aquarium Fanatic (Breed, sell, and trade aquarium fish, plants, and etc), Neurology research at Feinberg (Northwestern) for a whole summer and continuing; Published medical research case on fistulas as first author, worked at my aunts Cafe for around 24 hours a week during the past two summers, host the official community server and work with the game developers for a popular game (Rusted Warfare), co-manages part of the Chicago aquatic plant society where I do my aquarium stuff, Solo Drone photographer and avid member of Sky Pixel.

Awards: Youth Volunteer recognition for Northshore Community Hospital, Premio de Bronce for the National Spanish Exam, Honor Rolls all 4 years high school.

Hooks? DACA, No income (from parents), divorced parents, but still am doing well.

Antihooks: No income ;( [I’m counted as international but not completely since DACA) and I’m an Asian male.

Essays: Really weird. Quirky but really speaks true to who I am with my AP Lang and AP Lit (same teacher) saying they are really good. 9.5/10 and 10/10 for the weird one.

Common App is just good: around 8.5-9/10

LOR: STELLAR. English teacher and AP Chem teacher who I am the assistant teacher for her class this year. 10/10 and 10/10

I am ED 1 UChicago, it has been my dream school since it’s…freaking HOGWARTS

That was a lot of text, but thanks to those who read it or tried to read it haha!

The admissions committee at schools like UC are very fickle, and it is not easy to predict who they will accept. Your stats are very good, and the story you paint above sounds quite compelling. I can’t see any weaknesses in your application, but your chances of admission are often dependent upon factors outside your control. Especially the strength of the applicant pool.

But I wish you the best. Please post an update here if you are accepted.

Thank you so much! I am hoping my DACA status overweighs my technically international status.

I’m a current freshman at UChicago. Glad to see that you applied ED1. The chances of getting in are much better than in later rounds. You have a decent chance, and your stats are right on par with others here.

That is great news. I think I just need to make a raft and read on top of it on Lake Michigan…I just need to get away from applications and enjoy my time so I don’t feel anxiety!

^ Um, wouldn’t recommend that this time of year.