Speech and Debate, Anyone?

<p>Does anyone here do speech and debate?</p>

<p>The solvency, contentions, criterion, burdens of proof, blocking, cutting, breaking... Oh, speech and debate...</p>

<p>Yes! I’m not alone on here.</p>

<p>I’ve been president of my school’s Forensics Club for the past 2 years. We aren’t very good for lack of resources or members (we have 8), though we occasionally pull out a few awards.</p>

<p>Personally, my main event is Student Congress. I love it! Parli Pros, Precedence, Questioning, Dockets! It brings me such joy! I also occasionally dabble in Lincoln-Douglas and Extemp. But Congressional Debate is my true passion. I really love writing bills, I usually submit 2 to each tournament, and serving as PO whenever possible.</p>

<p>I’m the only one at my school who does Congress. We have one Public Forum pairing, and everyone else is LD.</p>

<p>Model UN is what I do.</p>



<p>Congress! Wonderful: me too! I started in Public Forum but switched over to Congress after making NFL nationals last year. It has been a blast! It’s my favorite type of debate and probably the one that has taught me the greatest skill-wise in terms of both speech and debate.</p>

<p>Sigh, been to states but never broke to nationals. Sadly it’s my Senior year. I’m going to miss my debate team, though I hope to continue in college. But Student Congress is definitely what I’m best at as well. I’ve often been told I do particularly well in questioning. </p>

<p>I tried to do Public Forum once, I did not have a good experience and I was back to Congress at the next tournament.</p>

<p>What’s your impact calc :)</p>

<p>Yeah, I’m in debate I since my school likes to randomly stick people into these classes. Sometimes it’s fun, like HI, DI, and Duos, but I’m really not into public forum, student congress, LD, and whatnot. I’m just glad that the school year is almost over.</p>



<p>I’m a junior this year: I’ll be so sad when my senior year is over… I’ll be that nerd who comes back and judges over holiday breaks, haha…</p>



<p>Don’t even… Haha, I love watching policy. I don’t know if I could ever do it myself, though I think I want to try sometime…</p>



<p>After watching national humor finals last year, I want to try it so, so bad!</p>

<p>I did policy for 3 years until I retired earlier this year. I lost my last debate in a tournament final…it was a sad way to go but my partner (junior) will carry the torch for me next year</p>

<p>If there’s one thing I regret, it is not joining forensics during freshman year. :(</p>



<p>The only camp I ever went to was at Wake Forest, I found it was more fun than “useful,” but I suppose it would be more useful in an event where you know what the topics will be. Since Congress bills change every tournament, we just got to know each other, learned some tips and tricks, did some practice rounds, and had a grand old time. </p>

<p>The NFL website is indispensable, it even gives examples of arguments that may be used, and how to rebut them. There’s also a huge list of sources. Also, if your school happens to use EBSCO or a similar “database” feature, make use of it in your research. OpposingViewpoints is useful as well, although you have to sign up for a membership.</p>

<p>Policy debate :slight_smile: But our league is contained to just the county, so we follow the Forensics resolutions and whatnot but our rules are a little different and we don’t have states or nationals.</p>

<p>I do LD, got a tournament in about an hour…haha.</p>

<p>Idk what all these types are, we just do debate. I have my first competition in about a month and am getting reall nervous because we have a really tricky pre-prepared motion ‘THW abolish the euro’ and I haven’t done that much with my partner before</p>

<p>YAY! Some more Speech and Debate people! I am a big time speech and debate person! LOVE IT! But it is only my first year. I do LD and Extemp</p>

<p>My tournament was cancelled for the weekend: a bit disappointing…</p>

<p>^That sucks…</p>

<p>Hey everyone! How do your tournaments work? Are they one day two what? Mine are all debate Friday, some debate and all speech events Saturday.</p>

<p>We separate speech and debate. I don’t know anything about the debate events, but I lurve speech! </p>

<p>Here we have poetry, prose, HI/DI (one category), original oratory, extempt, mime, duet acting, solo acting, storytelling, and duet improvisation, all Saturday morning/afternoon. We also have group events on Friday-- Reader’s Theater and Words and Music. </p>

<p>We do it strangely, I know, haha. And this will be the first year for us to try for NFL! Up until now it’s all been in-state stuff.</p>

<p>Almost all of the ones we go to are just all day Saturday. I’ve been to two that were Saturday and Sunday and one that was Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.</p>

<p>Is anyone here going to National Congress this year?</p>