Speech required in general ed?

Is speech course required in most college cores/general ed requirements? Major would be art bfa or ba.

You should check the specific colleges that you are interested in.

I have never seen a speech class as a specific GenEd or graduation requirement, but it is possible that it exists somewhere, so yes, check your specific college(s) if that is a dealbreaker for you.

That said, the odds on getting all the way through college in the US without ever having to get up on your hind legs and speak to people on a topic are not good! As it is a life skill, if speaking in front of people is hard for you, lean into it in the comparatively safe space of college- it will stand to you in ways big & small for the rest of your life.

Thanks! Already did debate-just prioritizing coursework. Thanks all!

Oral communications is required at many schools.

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California State Universities have such a general education requirement.


Caltech and MIT require both oral and written communication courses (which are in addition to their usual writing-intensive courses) as part of their general education requirements.

My undergraduate college also required a 6-week public speaking course.

You’d have to check with each individual school, but unless you have a significant phobia, I wouldn’t let this dissuade from a school you otherwise loved.