Spelman 2022

This thread is for all Spelman applicants interested in attending Spelman fall 2018

Hi! I applied for Documentarian Filmmaking

I applied and am waiting nervously for Dec. 30th!

For those considering Spelman and didn’t apply yet, please note that regular decision ends on Feb. 1. Spend your winter break writing your essays and cleaning up your resume if you’re wise.

Good luck to everyone!

My Spelcheck Portal was updated! I was accepted!

Congratulations! I am so happy for you! I am still waiting. My letter on 12/29 said I was deferred to regular admission because my application was incomplete. Everything was checked off on the portal as being received so I called today. It has to do with the GPA having to be calculated, which is internal. So there’s nothing else for me to do but wait. Spelman has been my #1 school for as long as I can remember so I’m praying that I am accepted!!

I was accepted!

What are your stats? & congratulations!

Just finished my application for RD! Good luck and congrats to those accepted!

Any honors program or Bonner Scholar applilcants in the thread just out of curiousity?

@NuScholar There’s not an application to become a Bonner Scholar. They hand pick the scholars based on service & financial need.

Accepted today with trash financial aid. With that being said, it would be a blessing to be selected as a Bonner…if not, I’ll gladly skip my way to a full ride scholarship from a top PWI.

@penthouse Reach out to Spelman and see if they’re willing to increase your financial aid in exchange of your promise to attend

@penthouse Financial aid came out? Is it on the portal or did they send you an admissions package?

@chiandrics It came in the admissions packet.

If your aid is trash…take the wise advice of @NuScholar and reach out to them. If one person turns you away reach out to another counselor.

@penthouse @chiandrics Also please be smart. If you tried your best to get additional financial aid and still can’t afford Spelman … go elsewhere. Please try to minimize your student debt for undergrad, especially if you plan to get an advanced degree.

Yeah, they gave me ALL loans. Spelman wasn’t my dream school but it would’ve been nice to have the option.

@chiandrics Spelman is the dream school for many other girls though. Please notify them of your decision to decline their acceptance so one of the girls deferred can finally gain admissions.

I’m sure you’ll do well wherever you end up! #blackgirlmagic

Financial aid is basically 100% loans. This is unacceptable for a school! How do we get going w the Bonner plan?