Spelman Class of 2025 Regular Decision

Good luck to everyone. Spelman is one of my favorite colleges so I’m always curious of the admission activity there.

I got in… I was accepted to Spelman.


My decision date was December 31, my friends too. But she got accepted on the 23rd and I did not. I’m still going to wait til December 31st before jumping to conclusions. But did this happen to anybody else?

If you don’t mind me asking what are your stats?

Has anyone heard of all decisions have gone out for EA?

*if all decisons.

I have not received my decision either and all my materials were received before 10/01. I know some people got their decisions last week. I’m starting to worry now

Hmmm? Did your friends hear via the portal?

Email that told her to check her portal. In the portal was an update with her decision. It was on the 23rd

& I saw a lot of other people in my area get accepted on the 23rd

Ok. Thanks. Well, we will see.

Have you heard anything. I have not but I know usually most colleges post decisions at around 5

I still have not heard anything. We are EST and no changes to the portal at 8:15 PM.

Yeah me neither. I emailed the admissions office but they don’t open til the fourth. So I guess we should just try to enjoy our weekend and see what’s up next week.

An email came saying deferred to RD. So we will see in April. Hope things work out well for you!

I just checked my email and didn’t see anything and checked the portal. I honestly don’t see why they would defer me not trying to brag or anything. But I got a 4.47 gpa, 60+ college credits. 4ap classes, class president, nhs, 200+ community service and much more. I just honestly don’t understand. I’m going to wait for an email. But girl don’t stress it , you’ll get in there RD.

I received my acceptance on December 23rd in the portal.

I got an email this morning. Someone forgot to review my application, they apologized. They will have my decision to me before the end of the week.

It’s RD day! I hope the best for everyone waiting to hear.


I’m still waiting, let me know if any of you get your letter.