Spelman College class od 2021, getting waitlisted?

Soo I applied to Spelman as RD and I felt as though I should have gotten in even though I did not. I have a 3.4 gpa and got a 1070 on the sat. I have taken a few honors classes during my four years at hs. I have extracurricular, volunteer and paid service on my resume. Also I took sports and clubs and im a member of National Honor Soicety for High School scholars. Then i got great recommendation letters from my chemistry and english teacher. SO I Thought I was a pretty solid candidate but they waitlisted me :(. I don’t want to be a sore loser or anything but ive seen ppl with lower gpas and sat scores accept on the first try and I feel that it is sort of unfair. Does anyone know what I can do about this cause spelman was my DREAM school.

I completely understand! Spelman was my top choice also. I got rejected, and I have a 4.0, 26 ACT, 1290 super score SAT, am graduating a year early, and have dual enrollment credit. Kind of heartbroken, but UMiami and XULA are my fallbacks! I hope you get in though.


Act quickly by writing them a “wait list” letter. Here’s a quote from a blog post below:

"The purpose of the wait list letter is to (1) illustrate continued commitment, (2) indicate an increased level of competency since January, and (3) distinguish oneself from the other thousands of wait list letters.

The first part of the letter must demonstrate to schools that you are interested in being accepted off the wait list and if accepted, will attend. You also want to introduce your updates in an eloquent manner."



From reading your post in another thread, I saw that your GPA dropped. Try explaining the cause of this drop or any other red flags that you think could have been in your app.

In my opinion, you and the poster above have great credentials and should have gotten in. Good luck!!

@BriGrey24 don’t get discouraged. You sound like a serious student and you will do well in life. Spelman can’t stop you from greatness. Also please remember that it’s quite likely you still can get in … many of the students (like any institution) that have been recently accepted won’t attend so that will open up spots for waitlisted people. Give it time and enjoy your last couple of weeks of high school!

@kriolakween I’m surprised you got rejected based on your great credentials but the competition into Spelman is getting tougher and tougher. My mom teaches at a wealthy private catholic all-girl high school and almost every black senior there applied to Spelman (like the first time ever). But keep your head up boo … XULA and UMiami are also great schools in fun cities.

@kriolakween oh hell no there is NO reason you shouldnt have gotten accepted or at the least given one of the HIGHEST merit scholarships they offer. Idk maybe call and ask them as too why you were rejected because i called and asked why i was wait listed and they told me my gpa and act was lower than the average (which it was THAT big of a margin). Also ask your gudicance counselor to help with an “appeal” as well because they playing you sis, dont take that from them.

Update- yesterday may 10 the office of admissions called me asking if I was still interested, I said yes and the call ended. Today may 11th I got an email saying I got accepted. YAY. Just for clarification I’m a bio major & applied as a freshman for fall 2017


YAAAYYY!!! Will you be taking the pre-med track?

Yeaa I will @xvibesx

Where did you end up going? I am in the same situation except thinking about Dillard