Spelman College Class of 2018!!!

<p>Hey guys!</p>

<p>After a lot of hard choices I chose Spelman College to spend my next 4 years! (Over Howard, Pepperdine, and Cornell to say a couple). </p>

<p>I looked on Facebook and around the web and noticed that there is no Facebook group or anything for the Class of 2018!</p>

<p>So hey future Spelman Sisters! I just wanted to starting talking and connecting with some of you! I hope to see you all at Spelbound!</p>

<p>Maybe to get the conversation going maybe people could share their major! I'm psychology!</p>

<p>Hope to talk to my fellow Spelmanites soon!</p>

<p>Hey! I looked for a Facebook group too. I did ED for Spelman and turned in my confirmation deposit already. I'll be a Biology and Spanish major. </p>

<p>Did anyone here apply via common app and come into problems with the application fee?</p>

<p>Hey! I was accepted Early Action for Spelman and if I attend I'll be majoring in psychology in the honors college!! I found someone was trying to start a facebook group for Spelman and Morehouse 2018 (<a href="https://www"&gt;https://www&lt;/a>. facebook .com/groups/476128912491892/requests/?notif<em>t=group</em>r2j) but it hasn't gotten very popular but here it is!</p>

<p>If you can go somewhere else, I would do it. </p>

<p>So far, I'm thinking Spelman since I applied there, Howard, and Virginia State early. This may change since I haven't received my regular decision acceptances yet. :)</p>

<p>@rythmandbible I haven't received a decision either and I applied RD. Spelman lost my ACT scores and didn't even send me an email saying I was missing them. Oh well, I still love my dream school. I hope to hear a decision soon. If I do get accepted, I will be attending Spelman College. I'm praying for the best!</p>

<p>@NoSuchThingAs I received my Spelman acceptance since I applied early, but you should call or email them to get everything straight since it's your dream school. May your dream a reality, girl! P.S. I just got into UVA today!! </p>

<p>Has anyone heard anything about financial aid notification?</p>

<p>@nb0717 no, but when I contacted the financial aid office, they said they don't send it out until April 1st at the earliest.</p>

<p>@NoSuchThingAs I think the admissions decisions are supposed to come out early April, so don't fret. I applied RD in December, which was a little early, so that's probably why I received my decision already.</p>

<p>I got a finicial aid reward letter around the 24th of march, but haven’t received a descion letter yet. If that helps anyone you guys should get an aid letter soon too.</p>

<p>Got my tentative fin aid the other day, and I must say, in comparison to my other admissions offers and aid, Spelman is not up there and has fallen significantly on my list.</p>

<p>Got my acceptance letter today! Yay!</p>

<p>Was the fin aid letter mailed or online? Did they email you that the award was available to see? </p>

<p>My award letter was mailed, and was by mistake according to Spelman College. </p>

<p>Has anyone gotten a financial aid award letter for scholarships? </p>

<p>Hi future sisters!
After becoming frantic from that financial award letter with all those loans, I delved a little deeper into Spelman’s website and read that scholarship decisions are made in the Office of Admissions (not the Office of Financial Aid) and notification usually isn’t made until mid-April (soon hopefully!!). So don’t fret over internal scholarships just yet. Although I am a bit concerned about the validity of this information since most of the website has not been updated to mention class of 2018. But I nonetheless come hell or high water I’m going to be a Jaguar!</p>

<p>@JamBug‌ thank you for your assurance. Do you know if it’ll be notified through mail or will it be through the financial aid portal? </p>

<p>I was completely shocked when I received my acceptance letter to Spelman. Now I am trying to decide between Spelman and another HBCU. I don’t know what to do…</p>