Spelman College Class of 2021

Didn’t see a topic yet for anyone who applied this year! Thought i would make one :slight_smile:

Good luck to all future Spelmanites. Spelman is a once in a lifetime experience that can’t be replicated anywhere else in the world. You ladies better bring your A game b/c Spelman is top notch all around. Spelmanites are generally very smart and ambitious, from affluent families, and appearance is extremely important to most of the student body (as it should be).

Hi, guys, I applied and I haven’t gotten anything back but I’m fairly confident I’ll be a part of Spelman class of 2021.

Just got accepted…a whole month in advanced…is this normal?

I got accepted back in December and my friend just got in this weekend. Not sure what the norm is for acceptance time.

I got my acceptance last Friday also

anyone planning on going to spelbound?

I am

I’m not. Other colleges have offered me better aid. Congrats to those who are going!

Are there any engineering majors in the thread? We definitely can use more women engineers

not me, i’m polisci