Spending money in college

<p>How much spending money do people normally bring with them when they go to college ( or more specifically, at BU)? I’m getting worried that I might be broke by 1st semester! My friend’s brother attends a college in D.C., and she told me that he spent a little over $1,000 by the end of 1st semester! (I think he went out to dinner a lot, went shopping, parties, etc). And I know that living in Boston will result in spending a lot of money… your opinions?</p>

<p>I just had this discussion with my mother today. Frankly, I have absolutely no idea what the range of possibilities even is.</p>

<p>dogs, are you around?</p>

<p>Sorry I'm no real help with this one since it depends on so many factors. In general most colleges in cities seem to say about 1,000 for the year is more than adequate and it includes things like entertainment, joining school clubs, eating out. So I suppose it all depends and if you are including clothes and other expenses that would change things.Can't say I knw how best to manage this process. Some parents seem tro have a specific allowance set up each quarter so they can track things others just let it go.</p>

<p>I don't know what your meal plan includes but unless this expense is determined you cannot compare spending. Eating out alot is not a problem if you are not then buying meals twice ie payed for dining hall meals you are not going to eat because you are eating out. </p>

<p>Most students expenses don't change that much from high school. Do you date much? Do you go to movies? Do you attend sporting events? Do you pay for haircuts and cosmetics? </p>

<p>Do you use public transport/cabs while at school? So....$1000.over 15 weeks....going out to eat on a date can cost $50. so in one month I'd say what do you like yo do?? Movie w/ friends is at least $10. + eating out. Cheap Major League Baseball game...$20. plus transit.</p>

<p>Thats a good point. Frugal students will find lots to do on campus for free or nominal fees (if a dorm floor arranges for a trip to see a game there will be a group discount rate) and when they choose to dine or attend entertainment venues off campus will go to places that offer college discounts. (discounts are common in Boston and generally only require an ID to be shown)) </p>

<p>However, a student who want to ski every Sun.and/or Wed. evening or take the T to class rather than walk will need to take that into account. If you scroll around the month's recreational opportunities on campus, via the BU web site or daily free press, you may get an idea on fees for such things.</p>

<p>I brought $2,000 with me from the money I had made over the summer, and then got birthday money. But then again, I had car problems when I got back home and had to spend hundreds on that, and I took the train home a couple times and that was a couple hundred, so haha I wouldn't go by me. How much money you bring completely depends on how many times you choose to leave Boston, and circumstancial situations. If you ever get broke, you can check the Studentlink for something called "Quickie Jobs," where you can get paid to do on-campus catering or office work, participate in research groups, babysit in neighboring towns, etc.</p>

<p>I was wondering if it was common for students to purchase a monthly T pass during the year? When I lived in Boston over the summer, it seemed to be worth it. I guess I don't know if it would be useful between classes or if the majority of students don't have enough time to leave the campus and explore the city (weekends mostly) to make the monthly pass worthwhile? Any input?</p>

<p>caligurl, the semester pass is a better deal than the monthly. I forget the exact numbers. D lives at one end of the BU campus and uses the T all the time to go back and forth on campus as well as occasional forays into downtown.</p>

<p>I'm definitely thinking about getting a T pass for next year. It's really convenient for visiting friends down at West (or vice-versa), going to class, whatever, and I go into the city ALL the time. You can always get a feel for things first semester and decide whether or not you want to get a T pass for the next semester.</p>

<p>thanks for the input. flixchick- so was $2000 sufficient for you? I figure I'll be going out quite a lot, since I will be in the city of Boston. I'm starting to look for a job this summer to get some spending $$ for this fall.</p>

<p>Well again, it was expensive for me to go home when I went home, but having stayed on my budget, I'm running down to practically nothing exactly when I planned to. Fortunately, I got a paid internship this summer, so I'm not worried or anything. But definitely get a job during the summer, and then you can get a job on campus during the year if things get too tight.</p>