Spooning Record

<p>529 Carleton students gathered on the Bald Spot on a beautiful Friday afternoon and shattered the world record for mass spooning. (The old record was 432). There are pictures on facebook. What a nice way to take a break before finals.</p>

<p>Make that: </p>

<p>529 Carls</p>

<p>2 streakers </p>

<p>1 bust of Schiller (first sighting since mysterious appearance on the Colbert Report?)</p>

<p>Carleton</a> Breaks World "Spooning" Record | Northfield.org</p>

<p>It actually wasn't the real Schiller; from where I was spooning I could tell that it was definitely a different one. The head was way too big and it didn't have any shoulders.</p>

<p>The real Schiller made an appearance at Rob Oden's honors convo last week. He was carried on a litter by several "Egyptians" and presented to Oden in the middle of his speech. He then watched the proceedings for a few minutes before being stolen away. :)</p>