<p>i know that we sign up for classes at spop. is it like first come first serve for the classes? i would like to graduate in four years but seeing my friends not getting their classes at state schools worry me. im signed up for 4 which i hope will be fine...</p>

<p>you will be split into your "school" (ie: school of social ecology, school of the arts) and every group has their own set time to enroll within that spop. you're still on the earlier half of the spop sessions so you should be fine</p>

<p>Putting yourself on the waitlist for desired classes works a lot too.. I didn't think it did but I've seen friends get in too really in-demand classes that way. I doubt you'd have that much trouble with enrollment that it would delay your expected graduation date. You may just occasionally be stuck with classes at bad times and not your preferred easy courses sometimes. But, what's your major? And how many units are you coming in with? supposedly this doesn't matter anyways as a freshman - i heard somewhere that if you're under 45... or something units it's random.
Oh, and I've had priority enrollment.. and even with that I end up not having the best schedule ever most of the time (e.g. trade-off between easy and/or fun teachers and time/day). It just depends on what's being offered.</p>

<p>im not sure how many units im coming in with, how do i find that out? also ive never visited uci before, is it very laid back and casual? like shorts and tshirt kind of thing?</p>

<p>are we suppose to know what classes we want to take? or is there some one to advise you?</p>

<p>To figure out how many units you're coming in with, you probably have to calculate it yourself at the moment. For AP test credit: click</a> here
and then any community college credit: ASSIST/url</a>
Unless: [url=<a href="http://www.reg.uci.edu/access/student/transcript/%5DUCI"&gt;http://www.reg.uci.edu/access/student/transcript/]UCI&lt;/a> transcript link works for you. I'm not sure if you'd have that transcript stuff up yet.
and about casualness. it ranges, i feel like a lot of people aren't dressed as laid back as other campuses.</p>

<p>@starsfromabove there's people there to advise you. although when i had spop it seemed like there were too many students and not as many peer advisers. when you're there though and split up with your school (in the beginning) they most likely will give you papers or booklets that give you a (4-year?) suggested course schedule. at least, my school did (social sciences). i didn't really follow it though because i was undeclared social sciences... lol. but you might want to take a look at that before going to spop so you can get a head start and not be as confused. if you look online for the uci general catalog there's probably the same suggested schedule for your major.</p>