Sports at Olin College of Engineering

Sports are one of my son’s main passions. He plays varsity sports (not a starter) and he watches ESPN, etc. He is hesitant about applying to Olin b/c of the lack of sports. Can someone enlighten me if there are any sports on campus (I haven’t found any on the website)? He also loves Boston professional sports, especially his beloved Red Sox. Any insight would be most appreciated before he applies in the fall. Thank you!

Your best bet is to check out Olin’s web page. They now have student ambassadors who help with answering these types of questions. That way he’ll get honest answers from people who are actually on campus and seem to know what they’re talking about. Here’s the link.

Please let me know if it doesn’t work.
Best of luck to you and your son.

@MuggleMom Thanks so much for this link.

Hi! I am one of the Ambassadors that MuggleMom mentioned! I can answer some of your questions here as well. Sports are certainly something that many Oliners enjoy. We have our own soccer and Ultimate Frisbee teams, which compete against other schools and in tournaments. Oliners are also allowed to join the Babson/Wellesley club teams. This means that it is not possible to Oliners to compete in Division sports, but your son can still be involved in the athletic world if he came here. Hope that helps!

This might be helpful for him also, if he is still debating or wants to see another person’s perspective. It was very helpful to me as a student.