Sports at Texas Tech University

<p>I want to know the names of all the sports played in TTU. I am very much fond of soccer also i am looking forward to get into soccer team if there is any.</p>

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<p>Just kidding ;) Here's the correct forum: Texas</a> Tech University</p>

<p>Texas Tech is a D1 school .... so you would need to be very good (top 1% of HS players) to play varsity sports in Tech ... they have a varsity women's soccer team ... they do not have a varsity men's soccer team (but they do have a club team for the men)</p>

<p>Please don't develop a raider rash. </p>

<p>Mens Sports
- Baseball
- Basketball
- Cross Country
- Football
- Golf
- Tennis
- Track</p>

<p>Female Sports
- Basketball
- Cross Country
- Golf
- Tennis
- Track
- Softball
- Volleyball</p>

<p>Thanks for your replies. I guess Cricket and Soccer are not that famous in US compared to other parts of world (Asia, Europe etc) but played excellent in the FIFA world cup 2010.</p>

<p>Those sports aren't big in college, or that big in the states. My understanding is that most of the elite at soccer go pro after or during HS and generally don't go to college.</p>

<p>at the top tier a lot of D1 schools do not have varsity soccer teams ... but by the time you hit D3 the number of teams goes WAY up ... for quality players there are lots of options to play college soccer in the US</p>

<p>The below link is not latest but share ideas about soccer in Texas. Check it out
College</a> soccer in Texas: The dropout myth? | FanBlog: Soccer | - Houston Chronicle</p>