Sports Management major at UMICH

Hi I was wondering if anyone has any insight on the sports management major at UMICH. I am applying to UMICH but my stats aren’t good enough for big majors like CS, engineering, or business. Is it a relatively easy major to get into? Is there a good job market after college?

Nope. It’s fairly difficult to get in actually. It’s one of the top Kinesiology schools in the US. Niche says #2 for Sports Management.

I have to pull the info from home, but the number of freshman spots in the School of Kinesiology is very small, maybe around 200 +/- enrollment spots. For comparison, LSA has around 4,400 spots. I’ll check that later.

Most importantly, UMich reserves many spots for their recruited athletes, which there are a lot of, but no one knows truly for sure how many open spots there are available for non-recruited athletes.

Not easy at all to get into as a freshman. My daughter thought she wanted to study Sport Mgt but wasn’t completely sure so she applied LS&A because more admission spots. Also, LS&A provides so many great opportunities for a highly ranked majors to study if she decides Sport Mgt not for her (I think I remember correctly that at least 40 majors ranked in top 10). LS&A is a great way to go.

She’s a freshman and now has good chance to transfer into the program.

Is the 200± spots you are referring to for the all freshman spots in Kinesiology or just Sports Management. How many freshman are admitted to Sports Management overall?

The most recent IPEDs shows 270 school of kinesiology grads: 128 ES/Kinesiology, 122 Sports Mgmt, 20 General.

Approx. freshman spots for the entire School of Kinesiology.

thank you.

thank you for this info.

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Seems as if it is easier to do a cross campus transfer, does anyone have stats?