Sports Management/Media Relations

<p>Unfortunately there is no place to raise the question about sports management/sports administration/sports information (or media relations), so this might prove fruitless. However, I am interested in breaking into this field - I am only a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame, but I was a student worker last year (about 15 hrs a week) and I am a sort of student worker/intern this summer (about 30 hrs a week). I really love what I do now and what I see the others Sports Information Directors doing and I was interested if anyone knew of any advice about breaking into a field like sports management (which seems rather difficult). I am majoring in Civil Engineering (I know that it is a rather difficult Plan B, but I am very good at math/science/physics), but I feel that my work with Notre Dame Athletics would be very appealing to a job market. I was thinking about going to get my Masters in Sports Administration out of college, but the only big name school I found to offer a Master in Sports Administration (or something like it) was Louisville. Does anyone know of any other top notch schools that have Sports Administration as a Master's degree. I know it is early, but I with two completely different field paths lying in front of me I want to be as informed as possible so that I can figure out what I want to do in the future and line up internships and summer jobs accordingly. </p>

<p>Thanks for any help that you can provide.</p>

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