Sports Managment major

<p>Is it hard to get in to the sports management graduate program? What type of jobs do people get with a sports management major?</p>

<p>for your second question,
What</a> are Some Sports Management Careers?
* Sports agent
* Athletic director
* Sports equipment manager
* Sports scouting agent
* Sports retail store manager</p>


<p>seems like a pretty pointless major to me, unless you just love sports..</p>

<p>Try Sports Medicine .... or Kinesiology</p>

<p>correct me if im wrong, but dont most agents have JDs?</p>

<p>Im sure you could be a Scout without this degree.</p>

<p>If you really love sports, I suggest going for Kinesiology. Its a sports medicine type of major but your able to work as a PT, Athletic Trainer, etc.</p>