Sports-oriented program or plain Business

<p>I'm a student at Iowa State and just recently transferred into the College of Business from another college on campus. I'm thinking of majoring in Management or Marketing, but would like to work SPECIFICALLY in athletics. Management would probably be at the collegiate level and Marketing in professional athletics (either with a team or company like ESPN or Nike). The problem? These programs here at ISU are for the "basics" of management, as I would call it, meaning that there are no courses related to the sports industry. I know that there are programs across the country with degrees/programs that intertwine the sports emphasis with the marketing or management side. </p>

<p>The sports industry is a 350 Billion dollar industry and I'm thinking that a degree with a sports emphasis will get me farther and allow me to obtain better internships and a better career. Am I wrong? And what are some good sports management or sports marketing schools that I could transfer to?</p>

<p>I've looked at both and am interested in Louisville, Ohio, and Oregon for management but the only schools I've really found on the marketing side are Oregon and Baylor. I'm very interested in Oregon. I can't really see myself at another Big 12 school (Baylor) because I was born and raised an ISU Cyclone fan and can't let that go...I know, stupid reason. Which brings me to my next point (its the last one, I promise)--I love everything about ISU and don't really want to leave but I will if it means a better future. Should I stick it out here in business or transfer to sports business?</p>

<p>sports industry is big but how does it concern you unless you're an athelete or the boss?</p>

<p>most jobs besides the "big jobs" are really just regular paid jobs.</p>

<p>Sports advertising, Community promotions (I'm a Cardinals fan, so I'll give Cardinals Care as an example), Gameday promotions (bobblehead night, seat cushion night), are where I'd like to be in marketing.</p>

<p>If I go administration, I'd like to go with NCAA Compliance or Athletic Director at a high school.</p>

<p>this is what the summer intern requirements for the NBA is </p>

<p>The National Basketball Association (NBA) is interested in hiring students for their 2006 Summer Internship Program. Students must meet the following criteria:
Class: Junior or Senior in College
GPA: 3.0 or above
Majors: Communications, Marketing, Advertising or General Business</p>

<p>so i'd imagine its the same way, other biz jobs with the NBA or ESPN are usually for older people and have these types of requirements</p>

<p>Experience Needed:
• 3-5 years strategy consulting or product/brand management experience
• Event management experience a plus</p>

<p>so Marketing would be a good thing to major in overall, I don't know if a sports degree would help, I think sports related activities -would- help, so maybe finding internships with sports teams in their marketing depts and working up might be a good route to go.</p>

<p>umass amherst, great program.</p>

<p>and by the way, go hawkeyes</p>

<p>You need to go to a school that has connections. But go for it definetly. I would love to be a college athletic director, but it is so competitive.</p>

<p>a spinoff of my first question....would it be smart to stay in business (undecided on marketing or management) and get a MBA in Sports Administration or Masters in Sport Marketing?</p>