Sports team...

<p>I tried out for my high school gymnastics team and I made it! However, the practices are three hours after school six days a week... I'm also taking two AP classes and I'm in my state's youth symphony... Do you think I could handle this commitment? Right now, I usually stay up until eleven doing homework... I dunno, my parents don't want me to do the varsity team, but I really want to. Do any of you guys do sports that take up a lot of time? How do you balance everything?

<p>hey i just finished my senior field hockey season. inseason i practice after school 3 hrs a day 5 days/week plus a 2hr saturday morning practice. In addition, i took a class at my comm college, worked fifteen hrs a week, did an internship 5-10 hrs a week, and took 5 ap classes. It can be done, but you should be prepared to be up till two am at least one night a week and forfeit a lot of "fun" activities. I somehow managed to also fit in a social life, but in turn i slept only 3-4 hrs a night. Yay senior year!</p>

<p>I'm a junior on varsity volleyball. Well, our practice goes from 3-4 or sometimes 5:30. But the little problem is in regular season we've had 27 games and 4 tournaments, which is probably about 1 months of games monday - saturday. they end from 6:30 - 8:30 depending on the team we play. Tournaments from 7-5pm on Saturday. Now that we're at the States Quaterfinals, I finally have normal pracitice times. I have 3 AP classes with all H. If you love the sport it can be accomplished. You have to sacrifce some activities, and sleep, but if you think its worth it then do it.</p>

<p>I do better in school when I'm really busy, especially with a sport. XC doesn't take up too much time, just a couple hours after school everyday plus meets, but swimming starts next week and that's 3 hr practices from 7-10pm plus morning practices at 6am a couple times a week and weightlifting after school a few days a week, so it's pretty intense. But I've been done with XC for a couple weeks and I've been really lazy, even though I have 3H/2AP, plus cello, and other activities. I'm just more focused when my time is limited.</p>