<p>Is anyone planning on playing sports at USNA, or have you been in contact with coaches? I'm planning on joining the crew team as a coxswain, and I got a letter from the coach today saying that they'd like for me to come and cox for them. I don't think this will help in the appointment process, but I'm excited to know that I will be welcome on a team!</p>


<p>Meg, that is great! Sure sounds like you're in! I will be running track/XC if I decide to go. The coach has been in touch with my coach. Maybe I'll see you in June. :-)</p>

<p>I know a girl on the XC and track team if you have any questions for her i can probably give you her screen name.</p>

<p>I ran track in my junior year of high school, wasn't that good at it, but I will probably run again this year. I would probably run track at the academy since it is mandatory that you do some type of sport.
But, do the teams at the usna only want people who have prior experience playing that sport? Because I was also interested in crew but wasn't sure how to go about it.</p>

<p>Crew will accept walkons. Let's face it, not many kids row crew in high school. They'll announce tryouts for the novice team (new to college crew), and you'll be joined by many of your peers.</p>

<p>Track - not so much. They'll take some walkons, but many of their key people will have been recruited. </p>

<p>Crew is a full year commitment. You can't do that in addition to track.</p>

<p>Yeah thats what I thought. I heard of the novice crew team, thought thats what it was.
It's a full year commitment? At the academy you need to do a certain amount activities per season, right? So does that mean that crew counts for all three seasons?
I would probably rather do crew then run, anyway. So thanks</p>

<p>I can't speak to USNA specifically. Only that at every other college in the US, crew is all three seasons (on the water fall and spring competitively, in the boathouse on erg machines in the winter). It should satisfy your PE requirement all 3 seasons.</p>

<p>I wanted to do crew and track, but heard there's just no way to do both because of the time commitment. I did crew over the summer and absolutely loved it, but guess I'll stick with track and XC. I've done pretty well so far in both and beating some record times at my HS. I'm a runaholic though. I've been running 10 miles every other day trying to get ready for another meet tomorrow. The distance works for me and my speed increases on the shorter runs.</p>

<p>We do more running for crew in the spring than track does haha. I've done both- and sometimes i wonder if crew isn't just like track plus rowing...</p>

<p>Hi Scit! Crew is very physically demanding and it does help being a runner. I found that out quickly this summer. Some of the girls were complaining by the 3rd day of training about sore muscles. Although, there were a few that looked like body builders and had no problem with rowing 4 hrs. straight. I consider myself to be in pretty good shape, but after 2 weeks of rowing every day, I noticed I actually do have a decent pair of arms. lol Now, it's just a matter of sticking with the weight training 3 times a week. I'm trying to work up to bench pressing my weight. Ugh! Lucky for me, I get to use the gym where I teach Karate. Doing lots of push-ups has really helped.</p>

<p>I'm actually a coxswain (I'm only 5'1") so I don't do a lot of the continuous rowing, and have to do a good deal of my workouts on my own (like lifting and erging etc.) but I definitely do the running with the team b/c as my coach puts it, it's nice to have a coxswain who can lead the team in running. I've done cross country and track for two years, and rowing is a nice diversion b/c you do the same running workouts, plus theres a lot of intellectual stuff as a cox as well. I'm looking forward to being on the team at USNA (if i get in that is)</p>

<p>just asking.. what are crew training programs like?</p>

<p>The one at my school consists of at least two miles run per day and 5-6 at least twice a week. A 6k on an erg about twice a week, a 2k on an erg twice a week and about two hours spent on the water each day in addition. Plus a lot of weight lifting and ab work. It's definitely the most intense sport offered there.</p>

<p>I set another record at the meet on Friday in XC and now I know for a fact I will stick with it. But, if I was able to do both crew and XC I definitely would. I LOVED crew over the summer! The teamwork is unmatched in my opinion. Is everyone absolutely certain I couldn't do both at the Academy?</p>

<p>Best idea would be to call the crew coach...</p>