<p>It seems like most athletes are recruited, so I was wondering if it's possible for someone who didn't play a particular sport in high school (but has reasonable talent in it) to try out for a team and make it. Like, are there any non-recruited athletes who simply join a team when they come to the school? Thanks!</p>

<p>'s called a walk-on</p>

<p>Indeed. I'm walking-on to the football team next year here. I was, however, recruited for track and field and the team got cut this past year.</p>

<p>Cool, thanks for all your help guys!</p>

<p>I think there are three (?) NCAA kickers who walked-on this year and have scored--Boston College (ESPN found footage of him in the stands last year covered in body paint, this year he won a game for them), also UNLV and Texas I think.</p>

<p>Yeah, the guy who won the game for Texas with the half-minute-left field goal was a walk on.</p>

<p>For club sports, anyone can join, right?</p>