<p>When applying to boarding schools and you have a sport as a hook, how can the schools make sure that you are acually any good. What is the policy?</p>

<p>Typically, if a student is to be a "recruited" athlete, they will contact the coach of their primary sport(s) with a resume of sorts (where they played, how long, awards, current coach contact info, etc.). Some coaches will come out to watch a recruit at a game or tournament for some sports. Others will take game tape. All will talk to your current coach at some point.</p>

<p>My sons were both recruited athletes. Coaches at the schools they applied to actually scouted them by attending some of their games as well as speaking with their coaches.</p>

<p>Both sons contacted coaches of the schools they were interested in attending the summer before they applied. They sent an athletic and academic resume and a schedule of their fall club team. In the late fall, they sent their school schedule to coaches</p>

<p>Usually, schools have a "prospective athlete questionnaire" that you fill out. It has places for coaches' phone numbers, names of teams you've played for, postitions played, stat's, special teams, awards, etc. They can check it out, and I think they probably do if you sound good. Also, you can send a rec. from a coach, a tape of yourself, etc.
Here's what we did: We attended one of the games of his main-interest sport and after the game, he introduced himself to the head coach. He told the coach he was applying and the coach spent a good deal of time speaking with both of us, asking my son questions about his team and his level of play. He was quite interested after speaking with us and reminded my son to send in the questionnaire (this was early in the process as we attended an October game). We did the same later in the year with the baseball coach. I think taking the initiative to actually go and meet the coaches and talk to them about your sport really shows your interest and you can speak directly with them about your level of experience in the sport.</p>