<p>Columbia looks great, excpet, I would like a college where I can play intramural or club soccer (female). It looks as if there are no club soccer teams, and as for intramural, I only see evidence that there is a co-ed tournament one day per year. There has to be more than this!! What do soccer players do, who are good players, but not quite good enough to make a Division I team?</p>

<p>Would I have to join a rec league at Riverside Park (if there is such a thing)?</p>

<p>Please help.</p>


<p>So I'm a current junior at Columbia. We don't have a club soccer team as of now to my knowledge, but what's awesome about Club Sports at Columbia is that you can actually get your own soccer club started! You could also play, as you mentioned, in the intramural soccer tournament that happens every year.</p>

<p>Thanks so much for the answer. Do you know how many weeks (days?) the intramural soccer tournament is? I'd like to play soccer every weekend if possible.</p>

<p>Hi, undeclared</p>

<p>I took the soccer class at school, which was really an excuse to play every week up at the soccer field. It is taught by the head men's or women's soccer coach (depending on the year) and you just get to play every week for 2 hours. This was the easiest way to get the soccer fix.</p>

<p>There are multiple intramural soccer tournaments as well - an outdoor one in the fall, indoor in the winter. There is also the annual World Cup that is hosted by the Society of International Undergraduates, the one day event as mentioned.</p>

<p>Beyond that, I used to play in Riverside Park or on the lawns of Columbia for pick-up games. If you are even more hungry for soccer, there are local leagues you can participate that offer indoor and outdoor experiences that you do have to pay a bit for, but they are cheap.</p>

<p>Hope this was helpful.</p>

<p>It was extremely helpful!!! Thanks.</p>