spread sheet?

@MTmom2015 or any other super organized parent out there, I would be most grateful if you would share your system with me! I am the most disorganized person on the planet, and I am going to need help to get me and my D get through the next year of college auditions/applications!! Thank you all for your help!

@EVDLLD For sure… PM me your email address and I’ll send it to you.

@MTmom2015 I’ve started a spreadsheet, but would love to see if I can adjust/add/change, etc. if you’re willing to share, I’d appreciate it!

@MTmom2015 I too have started one, but seems way to cumbersome and would love to compare mine to what you have if you wouldn’t mind sharing with too?

@lithpool @MTVTmom Send me a PM with your email. I’ll send you my spreadsheets.

@MTmom2015 I don’t know how to PM you. I read somewhere that you have to post a minimum number of times before you can PM people on this site, and since I’m new, I don’t have nearly enough. Can I just leave you my email address here?

I would also like a copy of the spreadsheet - but I don’t have enough posts to be able to PM either! I started my own, but would love to get one that is well-organized and already well underway. Thank you!!

I have a Google Sheet I am able to share as well. I have shared with a few of my son’s friends locally… Happy to share with anyone else who wants to see it. Different tabs (worksheets) track auditions requirements and schedules, curricula, etc.

I would also be most grateful for a link to a spreadsheet, but also do not have the ability to private message. Thanks in advance if someone could PM me I would be ever so grateful and happily share my email!

@UMiamiMTDad, I am not able to private message yet either. Would you PM me with your email address and I can share with you mine? Thanks!

@UMiamiMTDad I can’t PM either. Please PM me with your email so I can contact you for it…thank you!!!

I think I sent the spreadsheet to everyone who emailed or pm’d me. If I missed anyone or anyone else wants the a copy, just let me know. My spreadsheet evolved over two or three years dating back to when my S was a high school freshman or sophomore. I honestly don’t recall exactly when I started creating it, but it was essential starting the summer leading into his senior year.

We am about to embark on this wild ride of MT college auditions with my son! We would very much appreciate a veteran parent to share their spreadsheet with us. This site has been so helpful for getting our heads around the upcoming year. We are feeling so overwhelmed on how to organize all the college info. Please PM me so that I can send you my email if you are willing to share. Thank you so much!

I would love it if you don’t mind. I have started mine but am so anxious I am missing some info. I would really appreciate and it is so kind to offer it!

I would love to see each spread sheet but this is my first post and I need 15 to PM. D just finished her freshman year in HS so I have some time I guess.

@UMiamiMTDad I can’t figure out this PM thing but if you can PM me I would love to get a copy as well, thanks

Hi everyone. Apologies that I have not been around the past couple weeks. I have received a number of requests that I plan to answer this weekend. And for those who cannot PM, I will be getting messages to you as well. I never expected this much interest in my ridiculously large spreadsheet. :slight_smile:

I’d love a copy too. Can['t PM either.

@UMiamiMTDad - If you are still sharing your spreadsheet (or if anyone else is) I would SO appreciate a copy. I’m early in our process and just trying to get a sense of what I will be in for. Thanks in advance!

@UMiamiMTDad - I’d love a copy as well to merge with what I’ve been working on.