Spring 2012 Admissions from High School

<p>Hello all, I have a quick question about admissions, I am a pretty good student, 3.5 GPA, a lot of honors and AP classes, but with mediocre SAT (1100 composite, 1590 total) and ACT (24)scores. I sent in 2 Letters of Recommendation, and I am also in the top 50% for class rank. Just curious if anyone knows when I will hear back from them, I am really eager and anxious.</p>

<p>StatiK267 Applicants with your scores didn't hear back until May.</p>

<p>way after the semester started? uh oh....</p>

<p>arn't you a high school student? or Are you looking to be admitted for Spring '12 semester?</p>

<p>I am currently, but my school allows early graduation, so I decided to do that, I graduate Jan 12th edit* I have applied for the Spring 2012 Semester</p>

<p>StatiK267 - I have no knowledge at all on High School Students applying for Spring admission.
What step are you on in the admissions process?
I would definantly call Admissions and ask.</p>