Spring 2014

<p>I was just curious as to when I should apply for admissions for Spring of 2014. I am taking a couple summer classes when Spring 2013 ends so I won't have any more classes as of June 30th. Also, what would be a solid amount of letters of recommendation?</p>

<p>A solid amount of recommendation letters is 3 in my book. Depends on quality of the letter and who wrote it, but they should all work about fine for college admission.</p>

<p>I asked for a inter-campus transfer and they did not allow it because it was too early to apply for summer school.</p>

<p>Type anything into Google with IU after it and you will find the answer.
ex. admission dates IU </p>

<p>should work fine. Your question is a tad vague and I don’t understand what exactly you want.</p>