Spring 2016 Transfer Students Acceptance

I did my to do list. I sent all my official transcripts from the community colleges that I went to. All it’s asking is that my Spring 2015 final grades should be present on the official transcript. Should I just wait for a acceptance or denial email from CSUF.
California resident
I go to Fullerton College
Major: Linguistics
Cumulative Transferable GPA 2.90
Do I have a chance? Did you guys know when they will be sending acceptance email? has anyone got accepted yet?

As a local transfer you should be fine. They usually change your status on the portal before the send emails.

Good luck.

I just got accepted to CSUF! Now I’m just waiting for CSULB. Thank you!


I got 2 questions. I already had my transcript on ADT everify website. Do i still need to send my offcial transcript even it still says “official transcipt required” on my to do list?

And also, I finished my aa degree in a community college in OC area.
Major: BA
GPA: 2.4
Do I have a chance?

Thank you guys in advance

If it says on your “to do list” send official transcripts. The way I did it at two community colleges I went to were sister school so they had an option to send official transcripts online through my community college. Another I college I went which was in a different county didn’t have that option so I had to go to CSUF Admissions and records and give it in person to be safe. It took like a day or two for my “to do list” to from official transcripts to final grades for the community college school I’m currently attending. Eventhough the minimum is a 2.8 you never really know you might get in you might not. People get accepted and deny it and then that slot goes to another student. Supposedly I heard back from CSUF right away I honestly thought I wouldn’t get in. The best thing to do is call CSUF Admissions and Records. I hoped i help. Btw I’m not getting an ADT so I can’t help with that sorry!

Good luck!

Thank you very much. Im gonna give them a call

Anyone else get accepted or denied? I finally have all my “To do list” items completed so I’m waiting on my decision. Anyone know how long it usually takes to hear back from them once you completed all your ‘to do list’ items?

I finish my “to do list” on the August 27th and got acceptance email on the September 4th. I had until November 15th to accept admission. It also said if you get acceptance on November 1st you have two weeks to accept admission. I already accept my admission to CSUF, now I just have to do good in my classes and send in my final grades for fall 2015 which is the only thing on my “to do list”. Honestly, it can take days, weeks, or even a month. I hope I was able to help you. Good luck!

Business information system
applied August 1st
GPA 3.0 on app
GPA on transcripts through summer 3.263
sent transcripts around September 8th.
To Do list has nothing in it.
Waiting to hear back

@2pas69 under your “to do list” does it say final transcipts? As in all through fall

Yes, it says “final transcripts”. It’s says once I receive my Fall 2015 final grades on my Official Transcript to send it soon as possible. I think there is deadline in February I’m not hundred percent sure. CSUF has there deadlines posted on there website.