Spring 2019 Admission Decisions

Hi! I applied for Parsons Undergraduate BFA program for the Spring 2019 term. I know its still pretty early, but if you receive any notice about your admission decision, or if you have an idea of when the admission letters will be sent please feel free to post it on the forum! … THE WAIT IS KILLING ME… thanks!

  • hope everyone has a nice day!

Hi. My daughter has applied for the BBA Strategic Design and Management program for fall 2019. You’re intending to begin your studies in the spring term? Maybe this thread can be for fall decisions as well, since I’m not sure how many other spring entrants there will be on the forum. EA decisions for fall should be sent out in mid-December.

Yes, I intend to start my studies in January. I’m not sure if the fall early action and the spring applicants decisions will be sent at the same time, as the application deadline was different (October 15 for spring and November 1 for early fall) and also because class enrollment and housing registration for the spring term happens in early December (so the admission decision should be out by then… Right?)

But sure! Fall applicants can post their admission decision too ? We would all appreciate good news wether it’s fall or spring

I would guess you might hear pretty soon, then. If you need to be committed by early December, they’ll have to give you a little time to decide and to get your affairs in order. Good luck!

Want to change the thread title to say Spring/Fall 2019? Might encourage more posting.

Does your screen name come from Lausanne, Switzerland? We live in the Geneva area at the moment.

Thank you! Hopefully we will both hear good news from parsons soon ???

No, my username is just something I made up from my name Laura, I’m from Mexico, but it’s really interesting to hear that the username I chose is similar to Lausanne.

Hello, I have received an admit from Parsons for the Associate’s degree in Fashion Design. I applied november second week and received decision on November 16.

Congratulations, @Jabeen! But when did you apply? Looks like you might have an error there.

@Vineyarder We applied around Nov 6 2018. We got decision in 10 days

@Jabeen That’s great. Guess things move much faster for the associate’s degree.

@Lausanherr, any news on your end?

Me too! I applied for undecided and I got in! But I couldn’t tell if it’s a trick or not

S saw he got an EA acceptance on their website today, so they’re starting to go out. Good luck everyone!

@ArtAngst where in the website?

@cmhvisuals it’s the student’s own portal, they login (if you got to the Parsons forum on here there’s a good explanation of the whole ‘trick’ to make a new password etc) and the portal reloads/updates with admissions decision.

@ArtAngst could you send me a link to the forum haha?

@cmhvisuals they first explain it in last year’s admissions thread, I think this will go to the first one (there’s a bunch of follow-ups explaining it in the thread) https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/discussion/comment/21025928/#Comment_21025928

The main forum is here: https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/parsons-school-design/