Spring Break--Let Student Take Lead?

<p>Just curious as to what folks are doing about Spring Break? There's an airfare sale right now, but honestly I hope my S will do something other than come home to HI for Spring Break. Wondering how other folks handle this--we've never had a kid at college before.</p>

<p>When I was a student--yeah, back in the day--I only went home for summer break & only because my dad insisted & got me a job he insisted I work at instead of the jobs I got for myself at college/grad school. I always made my own plans for all my breaks & bought all my tickets or arranged whatever transportation I needed.</p>

<p>We asked S what he is planning for Thanksgiving & he said he'll figure out something (he's already had an invitation from my friend in LA & his aunt in SF + both the dorm & HI club have Thanksgiving available as well). Have already purchased Winter Break plane tickets. My inclination is to let S take the lead, even if the fares are higher by the time he decides what he wants to do. Would love to hear what folks who have been thru this before have found--my sister ALWAYS has flown her kids home to HI for summer, Spring Break & Winter Break & sometimes even shorter breaks.</p>


<p>My daughter only gets a week off for spring break so I don't want her flying home... but I was thinking that if she doesn't make other plans, it might be cool for me to meet her somewhere & we can vacation together. But right now we haven't even dealt with winter break yet -- I know she is very much looking forward to coming home from cold & wet NY to warm California.</p>

<p>HIMom, same question here. I am a planner..like to buy the tickets early. DS is going to roommates in CT for Thanksgiving as he is in Boston and we are in CA. Christmas tickets already bought because I want him home. For spring break, it would be great to see him but...I would love to see him do a service project related trip, not sure if he has any interest or if he has another idea. I am pretty sure he will not want to come home. We are in the part of CA that is fairly rural, not in LA or SF so it isn't like his friends will want to come with him back here. I'm inclined to wait a bit and pay higher ticket prices if he decides to come home.</p>

<p>Count me as another parent who will let DS take the lead. I believe he has a week for Spring Break.</p>

<p>Thanksgiving, we are going to family near his school (9 hour drive), as him flying on those hassle-ful Thanksgiving flight days isn't worth it. Xmas/winter we let him choose whether to come to Maine or whether we would all go to the Baja second home we just bought. No dummy, he chose Mexico and will bring at least one friend. They get an intersession of several weeks right after the holiday and I think being in Mexico will give them mucho opportunity to explore/travel/use their Spanish etc.</p>

<p>Spring break - whatever he decides. I don't expect him, from his history, to choose any of the College kids Gone Wild options. If he did, I would have no part of it (ie, if he can afford it, I can't stop him but wouldn't contribute). If he wants to come home, it will be on our nickel. If he has an alternate plan, whose nickel would be open for discussion. Last year, he was at Tulane and "spring break" = Mardi Gras. A no brainer ;).</p>

<p>If your son is living in a dorm, do the dorms at his college stay open during Spring Break? The dorms at my son's college do not. Kids have to have a plan made well in advance because staying on campus is not an option.</p>

<p>staying in the dorm is not an option...same re: kids gone wild...not paying for any of that. Coming home is on my nickel. Community service type project would be on my nickel. Partying no way I'm paying for it and as an adult who has travelled for work during spring break I definitely would not encourage any 18 year old to go on the kids gone wild type of trip...</p>

<p>My D. is still trying to plan her spring break. She is a senior, and up to now has never really done anything other than visit at friends' homes. She and some friends are looking at the possibility of a cruise. They all have air miles they can use and if 4 book an interior cabin, the cost is not too bad.</p>

<p>At some schools - for spring break - the Adventure/Recreation Dept's have spring break trips planned - usually at very little $$ - my gal has been kayaking in the Everglades - a camping trip - Diving trip with the Scuba Club, etc..... last year - with a busted up knee - she and a friend did their second volunteer trip to New Orleans to work/help (cheap flight) - anything but come home LOL.</p>

<p>My kids' dorm doesn't close except for winter break & summer break. Not sure what he & his friends want to do. I think I'll let him take the lead--we have miles anyway so he could use those if he figures out what he wants.</p>