Spring Break?

<p>So, after 4 weeks home, my Tulane freshman is back in the air headed back to NOLA. While I am sad to see him go, I know that there is no place else he would rather be. He could not wait to head back. This latest trip to the airport has me wondering...when will he be coming home this semester?? Since Spring Break overlaps with Mardi Gras, we have not made any plans for him to come home.
My question is, for current Tulane families...is your student planning on coming home at all during Spring Break? Will they be busy with Mardi Gras activities all week?
I know that they are off the Friday before and the Monday after Easter Sunday...do you think that many students will take that opportunity to come home for a few days?</p>

<p>My son goes back today. :(</p>

<p>He is definitely NOT planning to come home for Spring Break. Hadn’t thought about Easter though. </p>

<p>Hey I found a cool link on the Tulane site to something called Tulane Alternative Breaks where they arrange to do community service (sometimes trips) over school breaks.
[TAB</a> | Tulane Alternative Breaks](<a href=“http://tab.tulane.edu/]TAB”>http://tab.tulane.edu/)</p>

<p>Can’t believe I won’t see him until May!! He’s been so great this visit. Told me that sometimes it takes being away to really appreciate what someone does for you. :wink: Extra bonus was that he got to be home for his 19th birthday.</p>

<p>Alternative Spring Break Programs are awesome. I have been an adviser for the ASB program at the U where I work for 8 years. We have been bringing students to NOLA since 2007 doing hurricane recovery. This is the first year we are not going to NOLA! It’s a great experience and I would encourage every student to get involved if they can. It really has been life changing for some of our students.</p>

<p>Last year D went to Honduras with the public health group over spring break. That trip was moved to winter break this year, because of Mardi Gras. She just returned to Chicago and her aunt’s house on Friday night and is driving back to NOLA from Chicago this weekend.</p>

<p>D is on the rowing (crew) team and they normally go to Florida for spring training for a few days over spring break. I think they will do that this year, after Mardi Gras is over.</p>

<p>Mine will probably stay through Mardi Gras Day and then drive home for a few days, or a more likely scenario is that they drive over to the beach for a few days. Not actually PLANNING anything because S2 will be pledging a fraternity this semester and we are not sure at this point how that might influence spring break plans.</p>

<p>My daughter is planning on coming home the Wednesday of Mardi Gras, no surprise there. She thinks a couple of days of Mardi Gras will be plenty. Any insight?</p>

<p>There are parades starting at least two weeks before Mardi Gras itself. There is plenty of time to see various celebrations, party and generally take in the Mardi Gras atmosphere. So yes, I think she is right that she will be satisfied with the amount of Mardi Gras she will have taken in.</p>

<p>The Wednesday after Mardi Gras as in Ash Wednesday? If so it will all be over by then anyway. The Wednesday before? She’ll miss all the BEST parades!!! LOL! I am a parade freak, I never tire of them!</p>

<p>I assumed “the Wednesday of Mardi Gras” meant Ash Wednesday. It is true that with an exception or two, the best parades are that Saturday through Mardi Gras.</p>

<p>As stated earlier, she will miss the larger and nicer parades. I have a
biased opinion as a member of Endymion. However, She can certainly experience mardi gras the first week.</p>

<p>S plans on being no where else but in NOLA during Mardi Gras…since he has no plans to come home until May, I plan on visiting in April.</p>

<p>So happy to see all of my “old friends” back here on CC! I guess that I will have wait on making plans. Hey Oliver…your D is in my S’s Jewish studies class! and Hi Jammer…it’s been a while!</p>

<p>Sorry, didn’t see your post…Hi Bloomy :slight_smile: !!</p>

<p>Hi Jozuko! It has been a while…</p>

<p>Hey Jammer, can you hook me up with some Endy swag? I’ll swap for some NYX swag! LOL! I never manage to get in good position to get anything from Endy! The crowd for that parade is INSANE!</p>

<p>Good seeing y’all again! My D is contemplating coming home on Wednesday of spring break. A couple of her friends will probably go visit her and she might ride home with them. MG isn’t new to her but this will be her first in NOLA. She made us get a king cake before she went back on Thursday. :)</p>

<p>Hi Jo! Hope your son enjoyed his first semester. If it’s any consolation to the OOS parents I only saw my son for saints games. We live 25 miles from campus! I hope I see him for spring break as well.</p>

<p>no problem Dolphnlvr. 5A passenger side. Don’t know what number yet.</p>

<p>Well, I never actually looked at flights until now. My daughter is going to have to make a decision between coming home Tuesday or late Thursday! Flights are extremely expensive.</p>

<p>Which airport would she be flying into?</p>

<p>I haven’t even looked at flights since we are still so up in the air on this one. So unlike the neurotic planner that I usually am.</p>