Spring Schedule

<p>Hey what do you guys think of these courses for spring:</p>

<p>POL 201 - Statistical Methods in Political Science</p>

<p>SOC 323 - Urban Society</p>

<p>POL 316 - Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations</p>

<p>WST 330 - Gender Issues in the Law</p>

<p>In addition to Psychology, AP Politics, and IB English HL at the high school, and the Fall courses I will have completed:</p>

<p>SOC 105 - Intro to Sociology</p>

<p>SOC 340 - Sociology of Human Reproduction</p>

<p>BIO 101 - Human Biology</p>

<p>POL 101 - World Politics</p>

<p>PHI 104 - Moral Reasoning</p>

<p>---Do you think this is too social science/politics leaning? Or does it just justify my interests in Sociology/Politics? I fit in the math class, but Intermediate Italian II is only offered at 9:30 AM :( - I e-mailed a few colleges to explain that I really wanted to continue Italian, but I couldn't.</p>


<p>Are you taking some or all of these courses!!! I know you said it isn't much work at SUNY SB but taken all together on top of IB English seems a lot to me as usual. :)</p>

<p>I think you should take sculpture, introduction to drawing, or painting, or something more likely to feed your soul. You don't really "need" any of those four classes - you are going to "college" next year, remember?</p>

<p>The 4 courses on the top are what I was planning on taking in the Spring, the 5 courses below are what I have already taken this Fall.</p>

<p>I know its a ton, but I feel like the colleges won't understand or like what I'm doing with the dual enrollment if I take less "difficult" courses...</p>


<p>Who told you that sculpture, drawing, or painting are less difficult? I'll bet that, for you, it is precisely the opposite.</p>

<p>Afraid you'll "fail"?</p>

<p>Hahah I actually am an artist...but the thought is that the COLLEGES would find them more difficult - I also don't have time for a 3 hour studio but thats besides the point.</p>

<p>So you'll take the easy way out....</p>

<p>OK this schedule looks more fun:</p>

<p>POL 201 - Statistics for Political Science (20)</p>

<p>SOC 323 - Urban Society (103)</p>

<p>HIS 316 - The Healer & The Witch in History (80)</p>

<p>ARH 347 - Art of the 20th Century (50)</p>

<p>Take what feeds your soul. No college is going to care about your spring schedule - it is already too full as it is. Why not go work at the homeless shelter? Paint a community mural (you said you are an artist). Set up a business. Read stories at a Senior Center. Go deep sea fishing.</p>


<p>I really don't understand!</p>

<p>Why wouldn't they care about my Spring schedule?? I thought that they would expect me to take just as strong a courseload as always..no?</p>

<p>Decisions will have long been made. Your recommendations will already be in. It's not like you'll be spending your time in the pool hall (though from what you've written, I'm not sure it would be a bad idea.) </p>

<p>Trust me - they won't care. In fact, they won't even look. Many folks who apply with December 31 deadlines change their schedules, sometimes massively, in the spring. As long as they don't flunk 3 courses (which isn't determined until after admissions decisions are made anyway), it isn't going to matter in the least.</p>

<p>And if you were an admissions officer, and saw a top student who made a concerted decision to broaden and deepen his life experience before college, do you actually think it would hurt (rather than help?)</p>


<p>I can't imagine a guidance counselor at my high school or any adcom saying to a prospective college student that its OK to drop 3 classes and go work in a homeless shelter. I don't see how my situation is any different...so I am concerned about forgoing a strong spring schedule in order to pursue things of interest to me.</p>

<p>You mean your Spring schedule reflects things that are NOT of interest to you? How awful!</p>

<p>You hate answering my questions don't you......</p>

<p>I really have to watch my words! lol</p>

<p>I must be missing something. If you are in a dual enrollment program, shouldn't you be taking freshman courses (ie intro level courses)? The courses you have listed are all 300 level courses; don't they have prereq courses that need to be taken first? When my friends were taking dual enrollment programs, they took courses like into sciences, freshman english, some 100 level math and history. Your course load has more classes than a typical freshman enrolled on most colleges.</p>

<p>Chill out a bit; there is no fire to finish college in 3 years; with your schedule it looks like you could do that. What course do you need to graduate from high school? Take those course and maybe one or two others and use the rest of your time to volunteer or get a job.</p>

<p>"You hate answering my questions don't you......"</p>

<p>I answered your questions in posts 3, 5, 9, and 11.</p>

<p>pokey -</p>

<p>there aren't many intro classes left to take, and the ones that are left are either not of interest or conflict with my schedule.</p>

<p>the higher level courses are generally just more interesting.</p>