Spring semester schedule! (and some class about bulding a festival)

<p>So I'm a usual freshmen and naturally got screwed over with my schedule making. Now I'm in debate of which LDS 102 class I should take. </p>

<p>I have the choice of two LDS classes that interest me. Right now I've got "How to Make the Most of Your Degree" which I've heard is intensive with quizzes. </p>

<p>The one I'm interested in is "How to Build A Festival"</p>

<p>Did any one of you ever hear or take the class on How to Build A Festival?</p>

<p>One of the requirements is that you attend an event for 8 hours on Saturday and another 8 hours the next day on the same weekend for that class. Also 2 hours for only the first 7 weeks of the semester, the rest of the semester I don't have the class anymore. </p>

<p>I'm also interested in MUS 119, but that's another story if anybody has to chime in on that one.</p>

<p>I took MUS 119 in order to satisfy a DEC requirement. It's a VERY basic music class, but provides a good overview.</p>