Spring Semester?

<p>So I got in as a transfer for this spring and was wondering if there is any events that goes on to get to know people. I'm trying out for a team since I compete at my current university but I don't wanna go into it and not know anyone.</p>

<p>hey i will be attending baylor this spring as a sophomore transfer. where are you transferring from, what athletic team are you joining? whats your major and are you living on campus? are u from texas or OOS?</p>

<p>there is a welcome week event going on from the 11th on jan till the 13th</p>

<p>I'm out of state and got a tryout for the track team since I compete in ncaa D 1 cross country and track at my current university and I will be a sophomore. If I go, I will live on campus but I didn't accept the admission offer yet. Plus I just finished my finals today haha</p>