Sprint Reception?

<p>I did a little searching and didn't find much about Sprint at Rutgers, though what I did find was a slight bit discouraging; anyone have any first-hand experience with Sprint?</p>

<p>was the call quality / reception pretty bad? Anyone have any other suggestions towards Verizon or AT&T?</p>


<p>During orientation, when I used a Sprint phone, the call reception seemed fine. This was on Livingston though.</p>

<p>I visited my cousin Jason at Rutgers last Christmas. My service worked well for the most part. But there were places that had absolutely no signal. Just so you know, the wi-fi works really well.</p>

<p>When I swam at Busch when I was younger, I had a virgin mobile phone and I got decent reception throughout Busch. Spirnt bought out Virgin Mobile, so I believe they share that same reception bands now that they're together. I'm on AT&T now, and the reception seems to be about the same, so you probably won't have many problems. You might has some difficulties in the dorms though.</p>