SPS, PEA, or PAA??

<p>I'd like to hear people's opinions about each school- what you like/ dislike and which is the best :) Just for the heck of it</p>

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<p>I take it you are applying for next year? At one point or other these were all schools that I was choosing between to go to next year... I can give you a quick rundown of each school. If you PM me I will give you a better rundown. I'll start with Andover... </p>

<p>Andover: Great casual feel to the campus and no dress code. For the last few days the long standing "Andover is the best" argument has to do with the financial status. It is one of the richest schools, and thus, is the only boarding school to maintain a purely need blind status. Take this as you will, but it is one of the big strongpoints of Andover. I love the english department and the courses are a true compliment to the school. The life is also enhanced by the "Cluster System".</p>

<p>St. Paul's: 100% boarding. One of the top schools, and the top episcopal school. A great asset to the day is the Chapel when the students all gather together and interact. The top musicians play and the best comedians laugh. I would also read up on there "Freedom with Responsibility" sentiment. It is a great philosophy which details the truth that we learn from our mistakes and what we learn and how we apply it is who we are.</p>

<p>Exeter: Probably the big kahuna (in terms of name recognition, nothing else) of any boarding school. Has the stereotype of being very formal due to the dress code, while the Exonians believe that is just a heirloom from the past. They have a very wide course selection and I love their campus. </p>

<p>I suggest you add these schools to your list: Milton. Hotchkiss. Groton. Choate.</p>

<p>Choate choate choate choate. I chose Choate over a waitlist at Andover and a full FA acceptance at Exeter, and if you want me to, I can tell you why. Just ask. :)
Look into Choate.</p>

<p>You can't exclude Deerfield when you've included Milton, Groton and Hotchkiss</p>

<p>Just schools that filtered through my mind. There are many schools that would be in sync with what you are looking for while providing a top academic environment. On this forum the shorthand for the top schools is HADES (Hotchkiss, Andover, Deerfield, Exeter, St. Paul's), while schools like Milton, Groton, Lawrenceville and Middlesex parallel the "HADES" in terms of quality. There are plenty of great schools.</p>

<p>Don't exclude Middlesex.</p>

<p>SPS SPS am teh win!</p>

<p>I am quoting this from the Master List of 2009 Acceptances...
lol this is a little late soo it doesnt have to be added (just joined)
Accepted: St. Paul's School, Concord Academy. Rejected: PEA

Could you give us a little more insight on your situation, please? I understand you have been accepted to St. Paul's school, but I see that you did not apply to Andover and were rejected to Exeter. Do you plan on applying next year? If that is the case I suggest you just go to St. Paul's, great school. Even if you prefer Andover or Exeter a little more it is not worth it to wait another year. Good luck!</p>

<p>Excuse me PrincipalViola.
Andover AND Exeter are the big kahunas. Both have a large amount of reputation and connections that come with them.</p>

<p>My english teacher is a huge A Separate Peace buff so he is decidedly Exeter. Most people here give a lot more recognition to Exeter than Andover. When I lived in Boston it was far different. Roxbury Latin, Andover, and Milton (the three schools the people would recognize on here), and a few others were the "big kahunas". Do not take to much heart to all of this, the top colleges understand all of these are the top.</p>

<p>Day boys/girls and PG's. this is only what separates SPS from Andover and Exeter..oh yeah they don't have as much land as SPS does.:)</p>

<p>this thread is purely just so i can hear what other people think of the school even though im going to one.. its just for fun</p>

<p>Oh, well where I am respect is given equally to both.</p>

<p>Respect is given equally here. Just slightly more know of Exeter than of Andover. Does not detract from either school! :)</p>

<p>I wouldn't say equally given.. There are alot more Exeter-bashers as opposed to virtually no (unless I missed it?) Andover-haters. It's kind of weird, actually, but apparently the two "vibes" are waay different, so..</p>

<p>Slightly more know of Exeter? Really?</p>

I wouldn't say equally given.. There are alot more Exeter-bashers as opposed to virtually no (unless I missed it?) Andover-haters. It's kind of weird, actually, but apparently the two "vibes" are waay different, so..


<p>The funny thing is, about the same amount of people on this board choose to attend Exeter in the fall as the number of people who choose to go to Andover. I wonder why only one of the groups feels the need to constantly put down the other?</p>

<p>Whenever I Exeter-bash on CC, it's always in good humor and just for fun. I'm going to Andover and I don't have any bitter feelings for Exeter, but I think one of the biggest reasons that some people bash Exeter in earnest is that it dropped its need blind status and Andover didn't. This issue has been discussed enough on CC and I know that Exeter, even with an endowment nearly $200m larger than Andover's, must have felt some financial pressure to drop it, otherwise they wouldn't have. I'm just saying that this is probably the reason this bashing happens.</p>

<p>That and the fact that both schools have been traditional rivals a couple hundred years.</p>

<p>Exeter's dropping its need blind admission pretty late in the process has been contraversial among some parents and students. They went out of their way and sent out a large amount of recruiting letters and "enticed" many families to apply hoping their financial situation wouldn't be a problem as it was a major "selling point" in Exeter's campaign. Given its larger than usual endowment, the news that it's dropping the need blind admission especially quite late in the game was hard to swallow to many.</p>